Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Microdyne 3200 Diversity Combiner

The Microdyne 3200-PC (UA) is one of the most reliable and interesting diversity combiners ever designed by the Microdyne engineering team. It was specifically designed for the 30th and 45th Space Wing of the US Air Force. It is used to combine and improve the telemetry data signals from a pair of Microdyne 1200-MRC Telemetry Receivers. It is a combiner that was designed in the 1990's between the 3200-PC analog diversity combiner model and the Microdyne 1620-PC digital diversity combiner model. The 3200-PC (UA) is a very interesting and customer specific "upgrade" that fell in-between more standard products developments that Microdyne and Scientific Atlanta offered as Diversity Combiners in the late 1990's. Keep your Microdyne 3200-PC Diversity Combiner in excellent operating condition by contacting us to provide repair and calibration services. Our upgrades and 2015 modifications to the internal components and modules allow the Microdyne 3200-PC (UA) to operate much cooler and with much more reliability than when it was brand new.

We are your complete source for Microdyne 3200 Diversity Combiner repair and calibration. We also have new parts and complete calibrated units For Sale. Visit our website for more information.

We have over 25 years of experience with Microdyne Telemetry Receivers, Diversity Combiners, and Signal Simulators. This means you are dealing with the Pros!
2016 Refurbished Microdyne 3200-PC(UA) units now available and in-stock! Full 1-year warranty!
Replacement FM demod boards In-Stock and available! Full 1-year warranty!
Replacement DAC boards In-Stock and available! Full 1-year warranty!

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