Friday, July 26, 2019

The Aydin 321A PSK Demodulator is a tried and true, rack-mount demodulator whose origins date back to NASA and the history making space program it was a big part of. These excellent units can still be found, quietly and reliably providing demodulated QPSK, BPSK, and PM telemetry data to customers like SpaceX and the USAF Space Command. The Aydin 321A incorporates a design that was far in advance of its time. It's worth every dollar to keep these gold standards of PSK Demodulators in top shape.
We have factory original Aydin Monitor 321A test fixtures that allow us to quickly and effectively provide legacy support for all Aydin Demodulators, Bit Synchronizers, and Space Data Receivers. #Aydin #Demodulator #downlink #falconheavy #spacecommand #USAF #falcon9 #satellite #rocketlaunch #Telemetry #Microdyne #Repair