Saturday, April 30, 2016

Microdyne TSS-2000 Signal Simulator

The Microdyne TSS-2000 is still the best integrated telemetry signal simulator on the planet.

We know these units are getting old, but in terms of functionality of generating rock-solid telemetry specific modulated signals there is no other piece of test equipment that even comes close to a cost effective replacement, in one single piece of equipment.

Here at Microdyne Telemetry, we provide upgrades to some of the older components in the TSS-2000 like new 2016 power supplies, new screens, new reference oscillators etc., that make the unit as good as new. Try as they might, other companies we know, have never been able to make any one piece of equipment that is better or more reliable than the original Microdyne TSS-2000, even using several other pieces of equipment all tied together.

We also have New Old Stock and excellent refurbished TSS-2000 units if you are interested. They all have upgraded components (2016) and come with a full 1-year warranty. These units would provide a "plug and play" spare for the system you currently have in place, or would provide you with one of the best and most reliable Telemetry Signal Simulators ever designed. 

You can even choose your favorite color as we stock Microdyne TSS-2000 units in Black, Air Force Blue, or Desert / Navy Tan. Please feel free to contact us regarding your repair requirements and see our website for more details and photos. 

Microdyne Telemetry TSS-2000

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